Our Product Approvals


Many shower specification projects require products to conform to strict standards and safety regulations. Here is a guide to the recognised accreditations to look for when specifying from our range;



Water Regulations

Our products demonstrate compliance with UK water regulations through one of the below accreditations;

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Accreditation (WRAS) 

 WRAS Approval

Accepted by every UK Water Supplier, WRAS Approval is the easiest way to demonstrate compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws. These require that a water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply and must be ‘of an appropriate quality and standard’. Any product with WRAS Approval has undergone mechanical and water quality testing to demonstrate full compliance with the requirements of the regulations and bye-laws, provided the installation is fitted in accordance with any conditions given with the approval.


For more information about WRAS Approval please visit www.wras.co.uk/


KIWA UK Water Regulation 4 (KUKreg4)

The KIWA UK Water Regulation 4 (KUKreg4) product approval scheme is a clear and robust method for demonstrating compliance with the UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, Scottish Byelaws (2014) and Water Fittings Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009. Compliance with the Water Regulations are important for public health, safeguarding water supplies and promoting the efficient use of water within premises across the UK. A KUKreg4 certificate is equivalent to a WRAS certificate. 


For more information about KUKreg4 please visit www.kiwa.com/


Product Safety

BEAB Approved Mark

The BEAB Approved Mark is a widely recognised European Safety Mark used to support CE Marking and demonstrate conformity with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

The BEAB Approved Mark demonstrates to consumers, retailers and distributors that an independent third-party (Intertek) has verified the product’s safety. Recognised across the UK and Europe, the BEAB Approved Mark shows commitment to best practice, producing quality goods and most importantly, the safety of customers.


For full details of the BEAB Approved Mark, please visit www.intertek.com/marks/beab/


BEAB Care Mark

BEAB Care Approval

The BEAB CARE mark is an accreditation developed for care establishments that require a higher level of temperature safeguards. Products with the Intertek BEAB CARE mark are proven to comply with additional requirements to existing safety standards which take into account the needs of people in care situations, such as the elderly and people with disabilities. For vulnerable members of the population, who may have limited manouverability or ability to react quickly to changing situations, the need for closer control of outlet water temperatures has been clearly identified. The BEAB CARE mark is only applied to products that have existing BEAB Approval and comply with the additional safety and performance test schedules. A BEAB CARE Mark approved product will ensure stable outlet water temperatures under normal supply variations. In addition, the product will protect from scalding under rapid and abnormal supply variations, without adjustment by the user.


For full details of the BEAB CARE mark, please visit www.intertek.com/marks/beab-care/


NSF TMV2 Scheme

TMV2 Approval

TMV2 is an accreditation from NSF for thermostatic mixing valves that conform to BS-EN 1111 and 1287. TMV2 Approval ensures that a product has been found to deliver reliable thermal safety performance for domestic mixer showers and provides protection against scalding by automatically controlling the water temperature, and cutting the flow of water if the temperature rises too high.


TMV3 Scheme

TMV3 Approval

TMV3 is an accreditation from NSF for thermostatic mixing valves that have enhanced thermal safety performance for the Healthcare and Commercial thermostatic sector, complying with NHS Estates requirements. TMV3 uses the NHS specification D 08 as a basis for the thermostatic valves performance testing. 



KIWA Type 2 TMV is an alternative accreditation for thermostatic mixing valves that conform to BS-EN 1111 and 1287. Type 2 approval "certifies that a thermostatic mixing valve defined by UK Building Regulations Part G3 as complying with BS EN 1111 or BS EN 1287 for use within commercial or domestic premises. "


For full details of KIWA Type 2 TMV approval, please visit www.kiwa.com/



KIWA Type 3 TMV is an alternative accreditation for thermostatic mixing valves approved for healthcare environments. Type 3 approval "certifies that a thermostatic mixing valve defined by the Department of Health as complying with Health Technical Memorandum 04-01: Supplement Performance specification D 08: thermostatic mixing valves (healthcare premises)."


For full details of KIWA Type 3 TMV approval, please visit www.kiwa.com/


Royal National Institute of Blind People Approved (RNIB)


Launched by the RNIB in response to demand from businesses and partially sighted people for clear assurance of accessible products, the RNIB Approved mark clearly identifies products which have gone through both a rigourous accessibility testing process and a thorough review from a panel of blind and partially sighted people. Our Safeguard<sup>+<sup/> proudly carries this endorsement, having worked closely with the RNIB in the product's development.


For more information on the RNIB Approved mark please visit - www.rnib.org.uk/approved


Quiet Mark Approved

Quiet Mark Approved

Quiet Mark is the International award programme for low-noise, high performance technology and solutions to combat global noise pollution. Our Novel SR power shower and T90SR pumped electric shower carry the Quiet Mark approval having been awarded for the quiet pump technology used. 


For more information on the Quiet Mark please visit - www.quietmark.com