In August 2021 we achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon, underlining our commitment to reduce carbon emissions year on year, as part of our pledge to achieve carbon net zero alignment by 2027.

Organisations can achieve this independent certification if they are committed to making real reductions in their environmental impact, as well as demonstrating best practice in measurement, management and operational improvements over set lengths of time. During the assessment period, we lowered our CO2 footprint by 38 per cent, a significant result and one which truly demonstrates our level of commitment.

In our case, the journey towards a more sustainable future is not a new initiative but one that has been a core focus for several years prior to 2021. Having sent nothing to landfill since 2015, and with many other eco-successes to report, including driving down waste pollution, reducing water usage by 38 per cent, and installing LED lighting throughout 85 per cent of our facility,  we feel that we are perfectly placed to make a difference.

Going forward, we aim to accomplish our vision of being the most sustainable shower brand in the UK by building momentum in this area and taking vital steps to ‘move the dial’ positively for the planet.

Part of this drive will involve harnessing the brand’s expertise in the area of electric water heating, as domestic water and energy wastage continues to come under scrutiny, alongside electricity coming to the fore as a clean source of power that is fit for the future.

Click below for more information about Triton’s ‘Cleaner Conscience’ roadmap.