Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed Shower Heads

Our fixed shower heads come in all shapes, sizes and colours to match your design and budget requirements. Each comes with a standard ball joint fitting and can be used with either a wall-mounted or a ceiling-mounted shower arm. The ball joint fitting also allows the angle of the head to be adjusted once it’s secured to the shower arm, to allow you to direct the water to the most comfortable position. A suitable fixed shower head is critical to the safe performance of your shower and you can rest assured that you are ordering a genuine Triton fixed shower head which is tested and optimised for use with your Triton shower.

  1. Beth Fixed Shower Head - Chrome
    Beth Fixed Shower Head - Chrome

    A star shaped fixed shower head suitable for use with ...

  2. Isabel Fixed Shower Head - Chrome
    Isabel Fixed Shower Head - Chrome

    A flat round fixed shower head for a luxurious shower