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This page provides you with quick and easy access to all the Triton installation guides. Simply browse through our shower categories to identify your product or enter a shower name below.

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  1. Digital Showers
    Digital Showers

    Ideal for injecting a little high-tech into your first thing, ...

  2. Electric Showers
    Electric Showers

    Triton have a huge range of electric showers for your ...

  3. Mixer Showers
    Mixer Showers

    We offer a wide choice of mixer shower styles and ...

  4. Power Showers
    Power Showers

    Designed for households with low pressure water systems our power ...

  5. Eco Showers
    Eco Showers

    Whether your looking for a cost effective shower to run, ...

  6. Shower Heads
    Shower Heads

    Our shower heads are exceptional value for money, striking the ...

  7. Fixed Shower Heads
    Fixed Shower Heads

    Our fixed shower heads come in all shapes, sizes and ...

  8. Shower Kits
    Shower Kits

    Straight or curved? Chrome or white? Value for money or ...

  9. Shower Rails
    Shower Rails

    Do you need a new shower riser rail? Our range ...

  10. Care Showers
    Care Showers

    We're specialists in designing showers which assist with independent living ...

  11. Shower Hoses
    Shower Hoses

    Replacing your shower hose can add a sparkle back to ...

  12. Shower Arms
    Shower Arms

    For different installations, suited for fixed shower heads

  13. Shower Fixing Kits
    Shower Fixing Kits

    Bar mixer fixing kits for easier fitting and maintenance

  14. Handset Holders
    Handset Holders

    A variety of styles and finishes

  15. Taps

    Our bespoke tap ranges have been designed to match up ...

  16. Water Heaters
    Water Heaters

    Heat water where only a mains cold water supply is ...