In the cold of Winter, a shower is the perfect way to wake up and refresh ahead of a long day, or warm up and relax when you get home. However, to get the best out of your shower when the cold weather arrives, we have the following advice…

Changes to incoming (ambient) water temperature

During times of cooler weather conditions, the incoming (ambient) cold water is naturally cooler – around 5°C compared to 15°C at warmer times of the year. As such, the performance of your shower unit will be affected by the lower ambient water temperature - as it requires additional heating to reach your desired showering temperature.

Understanding electric shower performance

So how exactly do cooler ambient water temperatures affect the performance of electric showers? Well, as you increase the showering temperature, water will take longer to pass over the heating elements to produce the desired temperature (think of an electric kettle here), causing a reduction in the flow rate of your electric shower. Simply put, the warmer you set your shower temperature, the slower the flow rate (and vice versa).

If you are experiencing symptoms of your showering temperature being too cool it may be worth checking:


  • The temperature setting has been increased by the temperature dial/knob and in the case of an electric Shower with a power selector function – the HIGH setting is being used. This is usually shown as ‘HIGH’ or two lines and indicates that both heating elements are being used to heat water.

  • Should you have no water flow then it is worth checking that pipework to your shower has not become frozen.

  • Under more extreme cold conditions pipework can freeze and in some cases damage the inlet of your shower or feeding pipework, which can result in water leaks.

  • Care should be taken in ensuring any at risk pipework and the shower unit itself is protected against frost and freezing conditions.

This post aims to address some of the most common queries we receive during spells of cold weather. Remember, any service visit booked for non-product faults will not be covered under warranty. If you require more information on how seasonal changes can affect your shower, our experienced Technical and Customer Service team are on hand to help advise. Just visit our contact us page or give us a call.


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