1. Save Water and Reduce Energy With Triton’s Tips And Tricks

    Water saving summer shower tipsDuring times of high temperatures, a shower is the perfect way to prepare for a long day in the heat, or cool off when you get home. An electric one is also the most water and energy friendly option, especially when you implement a few easy tactics first thing.

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  2. Three Ways to Make Your Morning Less Manic

    Gary, The first-thing philosopherWith lifestyles becoming busier than ever, the way you start the day first thing can have a big impact on how hours ahead will play out. There’s a lot we can learn from the first-thing philosophers, who reflect on the most important questions in life when they wake up. Here’s our advice on adopting a more effective morning routine.

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  3. Small bathroom ideas

    Small bathroom ideasEven if you don’t have masses of square footage to play with, it’s still possible to achieve a beautiful bathroom. To inspire you, we’ve put together the following tips and ideas.


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