1. Shower Cleaning | DIY Shower Hacks

    Water saving summer shower tipsWhether you’re an avid Hincher, have additional time on your hands, or your bathroom is simply more grimy than gleaming, there’s nothing better than a thorough clean to add a touch of sparkle to your home. While you may have a whole host of shop bought cleaning products to hand, it’s good to know that even the most basic of household supplies can be used with great effect.

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  2. Save Water and Reduce Energy With Triton’s Tips And Tricks

    Water saving summer shower tipsDuring times of high temperatures, a shower is the perfect way to prepare for a long day in the heat, or cool off when you get home. An electric one is also the most water and energy friendly option, especially when you implement a few easy tactics first thing.

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  3. Three Ways to Make Your Morning Less Manic

    Gary, The first-thing philosopherWith lifestyles becoming busier than ever, the way you start the day first thing can have a big impact on how hours ahead will play out. There’s a lot we can learn from the first-thing philosophers, who reflect on the most important questions in life when they wake up. Here’s our advice on adopting a more effective morning routine.

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  4. Small bathroom ideas

    Small bathroom ideasEven if you don’t have masses of square footage to play with, it’s still possible to achieve a beautiful bathroom. To inspire you, we’ve put together the following tips and ideas.


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