Save Water and Reduce Energy With Triton’s Tips And Tricks

Water saving summer shower tipsDuring times of high temperatures, a shower is the perfect way to prepare for a long day in the heat, or cool off when you get home. An electric one is also the most water and energy friendly option, especially when you implement a few easy tactics first thing.

Guidance for electric shower users (low pressure)

  • The incoming (ambient) cold water is naturally warmer at this time of year – around 15˚C compared to 5˚C in the winter, so the heating elements in your shower needn’t be working so hard.
  • During periods of prolonged hot weather, Water Companies may reduce water pressure as demand for water increases. If you experience issues with low pressure, the two points below may help. 
  • Day to day, you probably only use the on/off and flow (temperature) controls – but did you know that switching to a lower power setting is ideal during the summer months and can help to cut costs, as well as offering optimum performance.
  • Most showers offer variable power control, so during this gloriously sunny weather select the ‘medium’ setting (usually shown as 'economy' or a single line), then simply adjust the flow dial to set the desired water temperature.

Ways to save in a busy household

  • Spending just one minute less in the shower each day could help save £10* off energy bills each year. Those with a water meter could make a further £12* saving off annual water and sewerage bills (Source: Energy Saving Trust).
  • Challenging the family to showering in under three or four minutes will not only save water, but also electricity as you’ll be heating less water – with the added bonus of saving any bathroom related arguments!
  • A simple kitchen egg timer is ideal, or for the ultimate first thing create a playlist of your favourite tunes which are around three to four minutes long, then always reach for your towel as the last song fades out. 

Plan a Summer bathroom refresh

  • Triton Shower AccessoriesAnother way to improve the performance of your shower is to ensure the showerhead itself is free from limescale, especially if you live in a hard water area. Alternatively, if it’s become too clogged up to clean (using non-abrasive cleaning products), refresh the unit with brand new accessories.
  • While a quick update may seem harmless, not all spray heads and hoses are compatible with every shower. In addition, poor quality accessories can cause serious issues, leading to the provision of extremely hot water and creating a threat to your family’s wellbeing.
  • Always check which accessories are appropriate for your shower type. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the right replacements are chosen and installed correctly.
  • Just because a product is available to buy in this country doesn’t mean it is compliant with the necessary British and European safety standards. Check for the WRAS Approved Product Certification Mark, as shown on Triton’s anti-twist hose which is made from double interlocked stainless steel and keeps water free-flowing at all times.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade to a more flexible showering solution this summer, or simply upgrade your accessories, Triton has the answer. The extensive product collection has been designed and manufactured in Britain specifically to suit the requirements of UK homes and each option is also backed by UK based customer service.